Home Air Purifier

Sn: RF88272
MOQ: 1,000pcs
FOB Price:
Delivery: 20days
Size: Customize
Packing: Customize
Material: ABS
Home Air Purifier with Washable Enzyme Smered Filter and Negative Ionizer
Special features:
  • Patented unique water washing system: based on principle that water suction can be realized by internal spiral, utilizing centrifugal effect to generate 16-layer water screen, which can wash out 99.9% dust, pollen, virus, bacteria, odor, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, VOC, and other organic pollutants, and filter out airborne particle even smaller than 0.1μm in diameter
  • This is completely innovative and most efficient technology in this field
  • While the water washing system being on work, this machine will work like a humidifier, and millions of nature anions will be released from the water like a rainfall
  • Washable enzyme smeared filter, it will decompose the organic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water, and highly reduce the concentration of odor and harmful gas released from decoration and furniture
  • Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost: as most of the dust and particles are captured by the water, the filter can be in service for long
  • Negative ionizer: capable of generating anions in large quantities, which refreshes your surrounding air as if staying in the forest
  • Photocatalysis filter working with UV light can remove most germs, microorganisms, particles, odor, and more
  • Unique design of three side entrance for wind can efficiently adsorb the polluted air in any corner
  • High efficiency low noise level: less than 29dB
  • Adopts unique water deflecting muffler technology, which is completely innovative and advanced in the world
  • Transparent window of water tank makes it easy to see the water line
  • Motor type: permanent split capacitor, rated for continuous high speed, and long lifespan
  • Temperature display (humidity display), air quality display is also available
  • Smell sensor and dust sensor is available